ISSN: 2073-2635
eISSN: 2949-270X
ISSN: 2073-2635
eISSN: 2949-270X
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2024. 1
  • Power of Word in the Education of a Person and a Citizen of the Fatherland
    Lomonosov Pedagogical Education Journal 2024. 1. p. 54-71
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  • Studying the Russian Language in Modern China
    Lomonosov Pedagogical Education Journal 2024. 1. p. 222-243
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“Lomonosov Pedagogical Education Journal" is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that has been published in a separate series since 2002. The frequency of publication is 4 issues per year.

“Lomonosov Pedagogical Education Journal” is a scientific publication that publishes the results of studying the characteristics and patterns of the field of education, the world where a person acquires valuable personal qualities, becomes a bearer of culture, personal and professional qualities. Articles published in the journal are materials containing answers from leading scientists to questions fundamental to education, relating to such fundamental problems as the future of education, the methodology of pedagogical research, the development of educational sciences and their role in the interdisciplinary study of the processes of teaching and upbringing, development and implementation of modern pedagogical technologies and methods in educational activities. The journal also reflects research in the field of history of pedagogy and education, as well as comparative studies that allow us to understand what the field of education looks like in the modern world.

International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2073-2635. ISSN of the electronic version: 2949-270X

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